September 26th, 2011

Third-fourth place match or consolation game in tournament brackets

This is another feature requested by a lot of our users in our feedback forum: the third-forth place match for bracket tournaments.

So, if you’re organizing a knockout competition and want to assign also the bronze medal, you can do it so easily with Konkuri! From now onwards all bracket tournaments will have by default the third place game. You don’t even need to set it up.

The losing semi-finalists will be placed automatically in the third place match and you will just have to enter the game result.

Just in case you want not to have the match, go to the Draw/results page, click on the “setup tournament” button and choose the option “no” third place, as you can see in the image…

consolation game setup in bracket tournaments

But, would you really take away an occasion for the losing semi-finalists to salvage some pride? ;-)

Have fun!

September 22nd, 2011

New feature: custom league table points for win-draw-loss

To reduce the pain of setting up the tournament, in Konkuri every sport or game comes with specific presets. This applies, for instance, to the league table points given for win, draw, loss.

However, we noticed that some users used to create many tournaments with the very same name and a different sport in order to find out the right scoring system they needed. Now, this is no more necessary.

Indeed, from now onwards the tournament manager can customize the points for win/draw/loss as he likes, regardless of the sport or game he has chosen.

Tournament Setup
In your tournament site, the setup box will automatically show the league table “Points for” win/draw/loss, as you can see in the image. In this way everyone will be able to see the points assigned before entering any result.

win-draw-loss poins for Round robin tournaments or leagues

How to change the default settings
In round robin leagues, go to the Tables page and click on the “configure tables” button. Then you will be able to enter the win/draw/loss points you prefer, as showed in the image.

Win draw loss points in round robin tournaments

In the groups + playoff leagues you will find this feature by clicking the “Setup group stage” button. Then, you can enter the new W/D/L values for all the groups.

Configure group stage in your league

We are sure this feature will help you manage your league or tournament more effectively!

July 19th, 2011

Konkuri gets out of Beta and takes off!

Dear Konkuri users, we’re very proud to announce that Konkuri has come out of beta stage.

This means that we will move from free-only to both free and paid services. The goal is to sustain the project and to deliver you the best service we can!

A brand new way of creating tournaments

From now onwards, a tournament will have 2 status:

When you create a tournament it will be considered as “building”. A building tournament is meant to let you setup the schedule and the participants before the tournament starts.

You can create unlimited building tournaments for free.

1 tournament at a time
up to 8 participants.

Same features of paid tournaments.

The price of a tournament
is expressed in credits and
depends on the number of participants.

Take a look at our prices

We’ve introduced some new features too:

  • Ad-free tournaments

    We’ve removed advertising from all tournaments. Soon we will give you the opportunity to publish your own sponsors.

  • Organization profiles

    If you’re member of an organization (like a Sport association or a Tennis center) you can create a dedicated profile to publish and archive all your tournaments.

  • 64 participants

    We’ve raised the limit of participants up to 64, to let you create bigger tournaments (for knockout and groups+playoff systems).

May 2nd, 2011

100.000 tournaments served on a silver plate

These days, Konkuri reached a major milestone: 100.000 tournaments created with our platform worldwide.

This isn’t just a big milestone for us, it’s also an important one for all of you, our users, who’ve helped us with word-of-mouth making Konkuri more and more popular.

We’re also rapidly growing our network globally. Konkuri is currently used in over 100 countries around the world, with Brazil leading the way.

Best of all, we’re just getting started! We’re working very hard on some great new features, starting from the ones you’ve suggested through our forum. Stay tuned for future updates!

March 31st, 2011

We’ve moved to a new, more powerful server in the cloud

The continuos increase of traffic on Konkuri has requested a more powerful server. That’s why recently we moved Konkuri to Amazon’s cloud computing platform.

The new server will allow us to scale the performance in real time according to the traffic. This means no more time-outs and a stable and secure service for you all.

November 8th, 2010

Help us going to the Silicon Valley!

The Mind the Bridge Venture Camp 2010 is over. We pitched in front of a big audience and the first feedbacks are very encouraging.

Now in a couple of weeks, the MtB Selection Committee will choose the 7 startups (out of 15) that will go to the Silicon Valley Mtb Gym! Please, vote for Konkuri and help us win the competition!

It would be a great opportunity for us to learn from the best ones and to transfer this knowledge into Konkuri.

September 30th, 2010

Mind the Bridge: we’re in the final!

These days we too are attending a tournament: it’s the Mind the Bridge competition, that aims to bring the best italian startups to the Silicon Valley.

We’re very proud to announce that Konkuri has been selected as one of the 15 startups for the Mind the Bridge Venture Camp event!

This is so great! We’ll have another coaching session in October (in Pavia) and the opportunity to pitch at the Venture Camp event in November (Milan @ Corriere della Sera).

We’re really excited and look forward to these events!

September 8th, 2010

New feature: invite participants to connect to the tournament

Konkuri introduces the connection between the tournament and its participants.

If you are a tournament administrator, you can invite your players to connect to the competition. Just start typing his/her name in the text field. If he/she is already on Konkuri, just select the profile.


Otherwise, you can invite him/her by email.

The participants who accept the connection will:

  • follow all tournament updates;
  • have results on their profiles;
  • get special authorizations to write on the dashboard.

The tournament will then become a little network where the communication between administrator and participants will become much easier and smarter.

At the moment, the feature is available for individual participants, but we’re developing it also for teams and it will be available by october.

September 7th, 2010

Konkuri wins the Mind the Bridge selection

We’re very proud to announce that Mind the Bridge has selected Konkuri as one of the 30 top projects that will be admitted to the Mind the Bridge BootCamp!
The BootCamp will be coordinated by Charles Versaggi from Silicon Valley and will be an opportunity to meet investors and entrepreneurs that will help us improving our business idea.
Logo Mind The Bridge

June 18th, 2010

Konkuri presented at Telecom Working Capital

This was a big opportunity for us. Telecom Working Capital is probably the most important event in Italy for startups. It’s the classical pitch with 5 minutes speech followed by questions/answers

Matteo did very well and we received warm greetings from the audience: lots of compliments and enthusiastic tweets. We’re now having interviews with some venture capitals that have shown interest in the project. Besides, we had the chance to meet other great startups guys and to share the same passion and pain.

Here you are the video of Konkuri presentation:

And the video of the following interview: